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October 23, 2011

I have a dream…

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So, I have a dream…nothing even close to Dr. King’s dream, but a dream nonetheless. My dream is to build my next frame using a jig that is mine. Small problem, though…selling my wife on an Anvil, or a Sputnik, or even one of the less expensive commervial jigs out there would be tough. The numerous “free” DIY designs are OK, but display a lack of what I would call “polish”.  Better if I can make one myself. And, realizing that I am, in most ways, a completely average guy, I figured that there might be others out there who are firmly in the hobbyist/amateur category who would also like to have their own jig at a reasonable price.

So I spent some time researching jigs, and came across the Arctos jig as designed by Gary Helfrich. I like the design, as it’s pretty simple and straightforward, and the main jig members could be built from 8020 aluminum extrusion. While not precise as a ground alignment table, the tolerances for 8020 are pretty tight, and people have built some cool stuff from it.

My problem is, I’m neither a CAD person nor a machinist. I am mechanically adept. What I am wondering is, is there anyone out there who might be willing to work with me (I will pay for materials) to come up with a good, flexible, workable frame jig design that uses a majority of commercial parts? I would then want to make the project, design, and drawings open source so that anyone in need of a jig would be able to put one together themselves.

Now, what’s in it for you? Well, my assumption is that there would be a number of things (tube blocks/cones, BB towers, dummy axles, etc.) that would need to be fabricated, and you could probably set up a tidy little line of business selling “kits” of pre-machined parts that go with the design, either as core components or as upgrades. I would promote those kits via the web site that I set up to support the project.

Thoughts? Anyone interested?


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